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Mitchell Family Session


Harriet, Steven and little taylor came to visit me last week at the studio. We had some fun for sure, mainly trying to entertain Taylor as he wasn’t to keen on having his photo taken. I’m not sure why as he’s gorgeous with lovely blonde hair and big blue eyes.




We spent a while playing games and warming Taylor up to the idea of having his photo taken and my god when he did start laughing and smiling he was so cute! Plus his mum and dad were fab and didn’t stress as I assured them we would get there in the end.


ggBoth Harriet and Steven were great! So happy to be there and were a pleasure to photograph and capture with their special little boy, their first family portrait for Taylor’s 1st Birthday.  A game of playing peak a boo, singing and a balloon or two to help wentertain Taylor but wasn’t it just worth it.

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