Why to book a maternity session?

Becoming a new mum is such an overwhelming and amazing experience. It comes with so many feelings and emotions. The whole journey from start to finish is such an incredible one which deserves to be captured.  Watching your bump grow each day, feeling your baby for the first time is something so special. 


I hear from so many new mums’ how they miss their bump once baby has arrived and how they didn’t realize how quickly their body has changed and adjusted to this new chapter in their life motherhood.


Which is why I believe it’s so important to capture this wonderful part of your journey. Giving you beautiful and elegance images to look back on over time and relive that joyful period where it all began. 


It also gives you the opportunity to get glammed up and feel amazing in front of the camera. With a range of stunning dresses to wear during our sessions or maybe even bring one of your own. I will make sure you are feeling your best to document your journey to motherhood. 


Book your maternity session today and treasure those memories of where it all began.


Richard and Ferns intimate wedding


This couple were just totally lovely you know when you just meet someone and they are so easy to get along with? Well that was Rich and Fern, we took a nice scroll around The Baulk woods in Langford for their pre wedding shoot to get to know one another and get them used to being in front of the camera. I have to say they were totally naturals and we got some beautiful shots of them both along with their youngest daughter.


They had a small wedding held at Shuttleworth House with just close family and friends. You could really see on the day that they were doing it for the love and not the show. It was so freshing to see and to have all their children around them on the day too.

richardand fern.jpg

With a small ceremony followed by a lovely relaxing afternoon in Shuttleworth grounds enjoying drinks and chatting with friends before sitting down for a meal with their loved ones.


Wedding Tips

website wedding.jpg

Have your engagement ring cleaned before your wedding day.


Create a #hashtag for guests to use at the wedding to upload and tag all your pictures.


Take a few moments at your head table to simply observe your family and friends. It might just be your favourite part of the night.


Guests remember two things the most from weddings- the food and the music. Send them home with good memories.


It’s your wedding, not theirs. Be kind, but don’t try to please everyone.

richardand fern.jpg

The easiest way to pee in your wedding dress is to sit on the toilet backward, facing the wall.


Photography recommends: Don’t wear a bra the morning of your wedding. It will leave marks on your back and shoulders that will be visible in pictures.


On your RSVp cards, put a line for a requested song. This way you will know what your guests want to hear and they will get excited when their song comes on.


When getting your wedding dress altered, make sure you can sit in it before they make the dress smaller.


When planning for your honeymoon, don’t just make a list of things to pack but also a list of things to bring back.


Splurge on a new perfume - It is a great way to capture the days memories. Overtime you smell the fragrance, your mind will go to that special day.

Top 10 questions I get asked by prospective clients?


1.I don’t know when to book my session as my baby isn’t here yet?

A.That’s absolutely fine, we recommend booking you’ve newborn session in after your 20-week scan due to the availability we have available every month. But of course you can book later than this too. We book you in on a floating date so that if baby arrives early or a little late we can move you’ve session accordingly.

2.Can we have sibling/ parent shots too?

A.Absolutely! I love getting the whole family involved in session and I feel it’s so important to get as many family images as you can when you have the opportunity to do so.

3.What should we bring with us to the session?

A.I will send you a detailed email once you’ve session is booked in depending on the type of session you have gone for will depend on what you’ve required to bring but we will make sure you have all the details within plenty of time.

4.Am I too late to have photographs of my baby, he/she is over 3 weeks old?

A.No of course not, we now offer a baby’s first photo shoot which is ideally for babies 5 weeks+. Because we know how full on it can be within those first few weeks and you forget to book in a newborn session. The baby’s first photo-shoot is more awake shots and baby as they are but they are still absolutely beautiful.

5.How much do you charge?

A.This depends on the session type you can find the information and session cost for each individual session we offer on the pages. All our product pricing in over on the product page.

6.Can we have a mixture of studio and location for our session?

A.If you’ve having a family session they absolutely yes! We do not offer mixed for newborn and baby photograph. However the location will be within Ickwell due to the length of your session.

How utterly gorgeous is this little one with the most beautiful hair! I just love capturing this age #newbornsafety #newbornphotography #phoebeberridgephotography #bedfordshirephotographer #cambridgeshirephotographer #hertfordshirephotographer #mpa #newborncerticate #trained #posing #baby

7.Where are you based?

A.A beautiful little village called Ickwell in Bedfordshire.

awake baby

8.My baby doesn’t sleep; will you still be able to get nice photographs?

A.Yes, it can sometimes make the session a little trickier but don’t worry we have it covered. With lots of other beautiful ideas and things we can do if baby will not settle and sleep. If baby is too unsettled, we will rearrange you’ve session free of charge. As we want you to go away with the most beautiful images.

newborn certification seal - small.png

9.Are you trained in posing and safety?

A.Yes, I am, I attend training every year and hold my certification for newborn health and safety. You can find my certificates on the website if you wish to view these.


10.How early should I book my session in?

A.As early as you possibly can if you have a set date in mind the sooner the better but we will always do our best to accommodate you’ve needs.

Why to have a newborn session?

There are so many reasons I could write about why to have a newborn session.

I mean lets face it they are super cute to start off with what more of a reason could you really need? With the most adorable outfits and props it’s every new Mum’s dream to dress there beautiful bundle of joy up and show them off to the world right?


But seriously, you should book a newborn session in if you’ve expecting a baby. Your baby only stays super small for such a small period of time and even within the first week or two they begin to change so much already. From their fingers, toes and there little expressions, they really are just beautiful to watch change.

When should you book in your newborn session?


Once you’ve had your due date this is the best time to book in your newborn session especially if you have a photographer in mind who you would like to capture that precious time for you, newborn photographers can get booked up pretty quick and with such a small window to photograph your baby. This leaves us with limited newborn session slots each month.

What should you think about when choosing your newborn photographer?

Firstly and yes I say it all day everyday and probably will for the rest of my life! Safety first no matter who you choose to capture that most amazing experience in your life, please please please choose a newborn photographer who understands the safety of posing your newborn baby, how to keep your baby at the correct temperature and has been trained. All you need to do is ask these questions when you enquire, they will be more than happy to show you certificates or qualifications of this. Also think about their style do you like it? Does it suit your taste, will it match your home decor when you hang your beautiful new images in your home.